Photograph of Robert Caper

Robert Caper

Caper is one of a small number of American psychoanalysts who has made original contributions to Kleinian theory. He is a graduate from Reed College and UCLA School of Medicine and trained at the Psychoanalytic Centre of California at that time very much influenced by the presence of Bion, Albert Mason and Jim Grotstein. He has written numerous papers, (see below) on psychoanalytic theory and technique and two important books. More recently he has moved to New York City.

In Immaterial Facts (1988) he gives an excellent outline of current Kleinian theory that is useful reading for the beginner and expert alike.

In A Mind of One’s Own (1999) he further develops his ideas and returns to many of the same themes 10 years later. (See Steiner, ‘Review of A Mind of One’s Own’ by Robert Caper’ (2000, Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. 48, 637-643).

John Steiner, 2012

Key publications


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