Photograph of Elias Barros

Elias Barros

Training and career

After training in psychology at the University of São Paulo, Elias Mallet da Rocha Barros (born 1946) studied at the Institut International de Recherche, Education et Développement in Paris and then at the Institute of Child Health at the University of London. He trained as a psychoanalyst in the British Psychoanalytical Society where he was influenced by a variety of colleagues, in particular his analyst Herbert Rosenfeld. At that time he also worked with John Steiner at the Tavistock Clinic.

On his return to Brazil he played an active part in teaching, becoming a training analyst and holding important roles in the São Paulo Psychoanalytic Society. Barros also played a significant part in the International Psychoanalytical Association, where he was a member and chaired a number of committees.

His ideas have been influenced by his training in the British Society, especially by Wilfred Bion, Rosenfeld, Hanna Segal, Betty Joseph, Elizabeth Spillius, Donald Meltzer and Ruth Riesenberg-Malcolm, but they are broader than most and also include the work of César and Sara Botella, André Green, Antonino Ferro and Thomas Ogden.

Barros is a clinician with sophisticated knowledge of philosophy, literature and culture in general. His survey of ideas on the significance of dreams and symbolism is particularly useful, and makes use of detailed clinical material. In 1999 he was the recipient of the Sigourney Award, which recognises significant contributions to the field of psychoanalysis.

Publishing Kleinian works

It is through his work as a publisher and translator, and also as a lecturer at prominent universities, that Barros played a vital role in making the work of Klein and her followers known in South America.

He made a huge contribution to publishing in South America, and became the representative of Hogarth Press/Chatto & Windus in Brazil and editor of the Brazilian editions of The New Library of Psychoanalysis. In these roles he was responsible for the translation and publication in Brazil of most, if not all, of the British Kleinian writers. This includes the books of Segal, Joseph, Rosenfeld, Riesenberg-Malcolm, Spillius, Ron Britton, and Steiner, as well as The Freud/Klein Controversies 1941-5 by Pearl King and Riccardo Steiner. He has also published books by Robert Caper, Antonino Ferro, Florence Guignard, Anne Alvarez, David Tuckett, Patrick Mahoney and Jorge Ahumada.

At the same time Barros played a prominent part in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, being editor for Latin America for several years, and was also editor of the series Development in Psycho-Analysis, of the Revista Brasileira de Psicanálise and of the Livro Anual de Psicoanalisis, where he included papers by Irma Brenman Pick, Eric Brenman, Leslie Sohn, Sydney Klein, Priscilla Roth, Ignês Sodré and Michael Feldman.

John Steiner

Key publications

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