Trauma, Guilt and Reparation: The Path from Impasse to Development

Weiss, H. 2019. Routledge.

In Trauma, Guilt and Reparation, Weiss identifies the emotional barriers faced by people who have experienced severe trauma, as well as the emergence of reparative processes which pave the way from impasse to development.

With reference to the work of Klein and others, the book examines how feelings of persistent guilt work to foil attempts at reparation, locking trauma deep within the psyche. It provides a theoretical understanding of the interplay between feelings of neediness with those of fear, wrath, shame and guilt, and offers a route for patients to experience the mourning and forgiveness necessary to come to terms with their own trauma. The book includes a foreword by John Steiner.

Illustrated by clinical examples throughout, it will be of interest to psychotherapists, social workers and any professional working with traumatised individuals.