Reading list: Depressive position

Key papers by Klein 

For full references for Melanie Klein’s works see Melanie Klein’s publications.

1927 Klein, M. ‘Criminal tendencies in normal children’. First observations of guilt in children after aggressive attacks.

1929 Klein, M. ‘Infantile anxiety-situations reflected in a work of art and in the creative impulse’. Shift observed from dread of attack to fear of the loved object. First mention of reparation.

1932 Klein, M. The Psychoanalysis of Children. Splitting in order to protect the good object; the importance of ‘restitution’ in sublimation.

1933 Klein, M. ‘The early development of conscience in the child’. Change in nature of superego from vengeful to concerned with guilt and moral sense.

1935 Klein, M. ‘A contribution to the psychogenesis of manic-depressive states’. First explicit exposition of the depressive position.

1940 Klein, M. ‘Mourning and its relation to manic-depressive states’. Clearer and more developed exposition.

1945 Klein, M. ‘The Oedipus complex in the light of early anxieties’. Important link made between depressive position and Oedipus complex.

1946 Klein, M. ‘Notes on some schizoid mechanisms’. Introduction of the paranoid-schizoid position, with clearer delineation of the two positions.

Further exploration 

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