Other works

Klein, M.  Autobiography. Two versions of Melanie Klein’s autobiography are available from the Downloadable papers section. One, annotated and transcribed by Janet Sayers and published in 2013, brings together 10 typed ‘fragments’ from Klein’s archive. This version complements another more complete autobiography, transcribed by Robert Hinshelwood from what seem to be Klein’s final compliation of her notes. These were found in the archives of Roger Money-Kyrle and published in 2016.

Klein, M., Heimann, P., Isaacs, S. and Rivière, J. Developments in Psychoanalysis. 1952 (Also in Karnac Maresfield Reprints, 1985.) 
A collection of the Kleinian papers given during and soon after the Controversial Discussions. (The Controversial Discussions are described below under King and Steiner.)
Translations: Published in French (Presses Universities), Italian (Bolliti Boringhieri), Portuguese (in Brazil, published by LTC Livros).

Klein, M. and Rivière, J. Love, Hate, and Reparation. (Psycho-Analytical Epitomes No. 2.) 1937, reprinted in 1953. USA edition: Norton.
Two clearly and simply written public lectures.
Translations: Published in French (by Payot), Greek (Paschalidis), Italian (Astrolabio), Portuguese (University of Lisbon).

Klein, M., Heimann, P. and Money-Kyrle, R. E. (Eds.) New Directions in Psycho-Analysis: The Significance of Infant Conflict in the Pattern of Adult Behaviour. 1955, reprinted by Karnac 1993. 
A collection of original papers in clinical, theoretical and ‘applied’ psychoanalysis by Klein, her close colleagues, and others influenced by her ideas.