Melanie Klein’s autobiographical ‘fragments’, transcribed and annotated by Professor Janet Sayers.

Melanie Klein was nearing the end of her life when, aged 77, she started work on her autobiography.  In it she says relatively little about her psychoanalytic work but much more about her Jewish forebears, her early years in Vienna with her older sisters and brother; her marriage and birth of her children and her life in Budapest. To this she adds an account of her life after World War I, the end of her marriage and her years in Berlin and London. The 10 typed fragments, the originals of which are in the Melanie Klein Archive at the Wellcome Library in London, have been gathered together by Janet Sayers and annotated with details in footnotes and italics in the main text.  This publication first appeared in Psychoanalysis and History 15(2), 2013: 127-163. It complements the full autobiography, transcribed by Robert Hinshelwood (see below) which came to light among Roger Money-Kyrle’s archived papers in 2015.