Melanie Klein Trust Conference 2016 – The Effect of Omnipotence on the Analyst: Resonance, Dissonance or Silence

Held in London, 4 June 2016.

‘The Effect of Omnipotence on the Analyst, Resonance, Dissonance or Silence’ dealt with the way analysts are affected by their patient’s behaviour and communications.

The first paper, given by Francesca Hume, was entitled ‘Where shall the word be found, where will the word resound? Absence of resonance and the struggle to find the right register’. In the paper Francesca Hume described an analysis in which there was a striking absence of feeling about the patient. She seemed unable to create a resonance within the analyst and this gave rise to considerations about why this should be the case. The paper was discussed by Jane Milton.

In the afternoon Ignês Sodré gave her paper, ‘Voices off: On fragmentation and the return of the split off’, which used a poem and a short story by the American poet Elizabeth Bishop to illustrate the dilemma of a patient whose early experiences left him exposed to extreme anxiety. This paper was discussed by Richard Rusbridger.

The papers gave rise to a lively discussion from the floor.

There were 317 participants, 164 of whom also attended clinical seminars. They came from 24 countries: Australia (1), Austria (21), Bulgaria (5), Denmark (2), Finland (2), France (5), Germany (25), Greece (1), India (1), Iran (1), Ireland (16), Israel (18), Italy (1), Lithuania (1), Netherlands (8), Norway (15), Poland (2), Portugal (1), Russia (4), Spain (2), Sweden (4), UK (173), Ukraine (1), and USA (7).

John Steiner
Chairman of the conference

12 December 2016