Imaginary Existences; A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Phantasy, Fiction, Dreams and Daydreams

Sodré, I. and Roth, P. (ed.). 2015. Routledge.

This book interweaves psychoanalytic scholarship and clinical experience with insights derived from close readings of literature. It illuminates the imaginative possibilities present in the analytic encounter and in the act of reading. Sodré explores creativity and the impediments to creative thinking: defences against dependency, guilt and loss, and the mis-use of imagination to deny reality. In her studies of Eliot, Cervantes, Flaubert, Mann, Proust and Shakespeare, Sodré examines the way writers create characters who mis-use their imaginations, while her clinical studies expand on this theme. This book is aimed at psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychotherapists, literary critics, and those interested in literature.