Reading list: Envy

Key papers by Klein 

For full references for Melanie Klein’s works see Melanie Klein’s publications.

1928 Klein, M. ‘Early stages of the Oedipus conflict’. Envy during the early Oedipus complex, manifest as desire to spoil the mother’s possessions.

1932 Klein, M. The Psychoanalysis of Children. A small child’s envious attacks on phantasied parental coitus.

1945 Klein, M. ‘The Oedipus complex in the light of early anxieties’. Envy of the mother in the Oedipus complex of both sexes.

1952 Klein, M. ‘The origins of transference’. The prototypical envy-provoking phantasy of the parents combined in everlasting mutual gratification.

1955 Klein, M. ‘On identification’. A literary example showing envy as an important factor in projective identification.

1957 Klein, M. ‘Envy and gratitude’. Klein’s seminal paper on envy and gratitude, where the two are first explicitly paired.

1959 Klein, M. ‘Our adult world and its roots in infancy’. A straightforward and comprehensive outline of the paired concepts of envy and gratitude.

Further exploration 

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