Authenticity in the Psychoanalytic Encounter: The Work of Irma Brenman Pick

Brenman Pick, I. (eds. Davids, F.M. and Shavit, N.) 2018. Routledge

This book brings together Irma Brenman Pick’s original contributions to psychoanalytic technique. Working in the Kleinian tradition, she writes vivid clinical narratives that shed a humane light on the struggles that patients – indeed, all of us – face in recognising the need for others in our lives. Brenman Pick is interested in the infantile roots of mental conflict, and shows a deep understanding of the complex unconscious phantasies alive in the patient’s mind. Through an illuminating focus on authenticity, she explores diverse topics, including adolescence, sexual identity, stealing, concern for the object, destructiveness, creativity, and integration.