New publication – Portrait of a Life: Melanie Klein and the Artists

Portrait of a Life: Melanie Klein and the Artists, by Roger Amos, published by Phoenix (July 2019).

During her life Melanie Klein encountered many artists who wished to photograph, paint or sculpt her, but her relationship with these artists and the representations they produced was complex. Intriguingly, she even destroyed two significant works – a bust and a portrait – that depicted her.

This beautifully illustrated book brings together for the first time the various attempts to portray Klein during her lifetime, from her earliest childhood until her old age, reviewing the history of each artistic project and weaving them into a fascinating narrative of Klein’s life.

Portrait of a Life will appeal to scholars and professionals in the field of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, as well as anyone with an interest in Melanie Klein or aesthetics.

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Also available from Karnac.