New on the blog: Klein on ‘cover memories’

Black and white photo of a close up of Melanie Klein's hand writing on a notepad

In her latest blog post, Archivist Christine English continues to explore the theme of memory, presenting two further extracts by Klein from a file entitled ‘Notes for intended paper on memory’, dated 1958.

In the first extract, Klein describes a ‘cover memory’ from early infanthood reported by a patient at the start of her analysis, and talks about how this memory was ‘of fundamental importance to her [the patient’s] whole development’.  

The second extract, ‘Notes on unconscious memories’, continues Klein’s reflection on the importance of recovering memories, or ‘memories in feeling’, in analysis. In both extracts she talks about the value of ‘getting behind’ such memories: ‘I believe that an isolated memory is always a cover memory and crying out for exploration of what lies behind it.’

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