New on the archive blog: Klein on Bowlby

Black and white photo of a close up of Melanie Klein's hand writing on a notepad
Melanie Klein writing

On the blog, Jane Milton, the Trust’s honorary archivist, presents her latest find from the Melanie Klein archive – three typed pages of comments and notes on the work of John Bowlby.

“These pages are interesting in a number of ways,” says Milton, “not least because I can’t recall another instance of Klein writing about Bowlby, the pioneer of attachment theory.”

In the notes, Klein discusses early separation – a topic emphasised by Bowlby – and depression, in relation to his psychopathological category of ‘affectionless characters’, following her points with a short account of a sad clinical case of her own.

Visit the blog to read the notes in full and for more insights into the relationship between Klein and Bowlby, and how his thinking later evolved in a different direction. This generated controversy at the time, but Milton concludes that today their ideas can be seen as complementary and equally important in different ways.

Visit the blog, Exploring Melanie Klein’s Archive at the Wellcome Library