A new online forum for Bion studies

Black and white photograph of Wilfred Bion
Wilfred Bion

An online resource and forum has been launched focusing on the study of Wilfred Bion‘s work and its implications for analytic practice.

The W.R. Bion Studies website was developed by eminent Bion scholar and author Chris Mawson. He says, “The site is a response to requests for a forum for thinking about how Bion’s work relates both to clinical practice and to the work of Klein, Winnicott and Freud. Comments and contributions are welcomed.”

Content to date includes a guest post by Nicola Abel-Hirsch, author of Bion: 365 Quotes, and Edna O’Shaugnessey’s paper ‘Can a liar be psychoanalysed?’ (1990). More contributions will be added as the site develops.

Visit the W.R. Bion Studies website.