W. R. Bion Seminars

Date: 10 October, 2021 to 12 June, 2022

Time: 09:30 to 12:30 Mexico City time

Organised by: ASantamaría Psicoanálisis México

For more details: Visit the ASantamaría Psicoanálisis México website

To book: Visit https://www.asfpsychoanalysis.org/payments

A series of seminars in preparation for the 2022 International Bion Conference, Mexico City. Chaired by Jani Santamaria/Howard Levine.

You can register for individual seminars or for all 8.

i. 10 October 2021
Experiences with groups – Bob Caper
War experiences – Lawrence Brown

ii. 14 November 2021
Imaginary Twin – Joe Aguayo
On arrogance – Peter Goldberg

iii. 12 December 2021
Theory of thinking – Tom Helscher
Attacks on linking – James Ogilvie

iv. 9 January 2022
The psychotic and non psychotic – Carmen Mion
Emotions, non-emotions and the analyst’s lanugage – Celia Fix

v. 6 February 2022
Basic concepts – Annie Reiner
Basic concepts – Nicola Abel-Hirsch

vi. 13 March 2022
Attention and interpretation – Howard Levine
Memory and desire – Antonia Grimalt

vii. 22 May 2022
Caesura – Avner Bernstein
Transformations – Joao Braga

viii. 12 June 2022
Late papers – Rudi Vermote
Final thoughts

More details and booking at the ASantamaría Psicoanálisis México website