Rita Frankiel Bequest. New York/New Haven

Rita Frankiel was a distinguished analyst of children and adults in New York. When she died in 2007, she left a generous bequest to the Melanie Klein Trust, with the purpose of furthering understanding in the United States of Kleinian analysis.

Photograph of Rita Frankiel
Rita Frankiel

Frankiel and her husband Roy Schafer had discovered the work of Klein through clinical discussions with Betty Joseph, Michael Feldman, John Steiner, Elizabeth Spillius and other Kleinian analysts from London.

Frankiel found Klein’s approach to patients very helpful clinically, and wanted to establish a link between British Kleinian analysts and analytic candidates, and recently qualified analysts in the States.

The Trust set up a link whereby two British analysts, in liaison with training analysts in America, visited the States twice yearly. Penelope Garvey went to Washington DC, where about ten recently qualified and about-to-qualify analysts presented cases for group discussion; and Richard Rusbridger visited New Haven and New York, where a group of sixteen presented their work and read papers by Kleinian analysts. The New York/New Haven group ran for three years.

From 2016, there has been a second three-year programme of meetings with a group of eighteen analysts and senior candidates from New York and New Haven. Richard Rusbridger visits twice a year and, in between these visits, the group meets with two American training analysts, Kay Long and Lynne Zeavin.