At the Eighth International Congress, held in Salzburg in April, Klein reads a paper on the technique of child analysis that causes great controversy. It will later appear as the second chapter of The Psychoanalysis of Children. Klein meets Joan Riviere for the second time, and they begin a significant friendship and professional alliance.

On 11th October, Klein presents her paper on 'Erna' at the first German Conference of Psychoanalysis, held in Wurzburg. This paper will become the third chapter of The Psychoanalysis of Children. Abraham declares that, 'the future of psychoanalysis rests with child analysis.' This is of enormous significance to Klein personally and psychoanalysis as a whole.

Despite her great enthusiasm, Klein's new theories do not receive universal support. However, Abraham's belief in her, as president of the Berlin Society, carries great weight, and any hostility toward Klein remains under wraps.

Shockingly, in September Hermine Hug-Hellmuth, head of the Viennese Child Guidance Centre, is murdered by her 18-year-old nephew Rudolph. She has brought him up and analysed him as a child, and her murder fuels criticism of the dangers of child psychoanalysis.

Klein moves again, to an apartment in Jeanerstrasse owned by an elderly woman. Helene Deutsch, another psychoanalyst, lives in the same building.

On 17th December Klein presents her Berlin paper to the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, where it is received with hostile resistance.