Love, Guilt and Reparation

Love, Guilt and Reparation and Other Works 1921-1945 (The Writings of Melanie Klein, Volume 1)

The earlier papers of this book reveal Klein's preoccupation with the impact of infant anxieties upon child development. The later papers on the psychogenesis of manic depressive states and on the Oedipus complex introduce a new theory of the development of the mind. Find out about translations.


  • The Development of a Child (1921)
  • Inhibitions and Difficulties at Puberty (1922)
  • The Role of the School in the Libidinal Development of the Child (1923)
  • Early Analysis (1923)
  • A Contribution to the Psychogenesis of Tics (1925)
  • The Psychological Principles of Early Analysis (1926)
  • Symposium on Child-Analysis (1927)
  • Criminal Tendencies in Normal Children (1927)
  • Early Stages of the Oedipus Conflict (1928)
  • Personification in the Play of Children (1929)
  • Infantile Anxiety Situations Reflected in a Work of Art and in the Creative Impulse (1929)
  • The Importance of Symbol-Formation in the Development of the Ego (1930)
  • The Psychotherapy of the Psychoses (1930)
  • A Contribution to the Theory of Intellectual Inhibition (1931)
  • The Early Development of Conscience in the Child (1933)
  • On Criminality (1934)
  • A Contribution to the Psychogenesis of Manic-Depressive States (1935)
  • Weaning (1936)
  • Love, Guilt and Reparation (1937)
  • Mourning and its Relation to Manic-Depressive States (1940)
  • The Oedipus Complex in the Light of Early Anxieties (1945)