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Furthering the psychoanalytic theory
and technique of Melanie Klein


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Introductory Lectures and Seminars in Psychoanalysis

Introductory lectures

Organised by: The Institute of Psychoanalysis

Date: 28 Sep 2016 to 22 Mar 2017

Location: The Institute of Psychoanalysis and other venues - see event details - Click for map

The Institute of Psychoanalysis runs the Introductory Lectures and Seminar series for members of the public who wish to find out about psychoanalysis or deepen the knowledge they already have. The course is open to all including those completely new to the subject and no specific experience or qualifications are required.

An integrated course of 20 lectures on core psychoanalytic ideas, it is held on Wednesday evenings (5.45-8pm) over two terms, each lecture being followed that same evening by a seminar. Each week therefore, each participant attends a lecture (with reading material provided) and then joins a smaller group (10-12 individuals) for a group discussion on the evening’s topic, facilitated by a psychoanalyst.

It’s an opportunity for learning and discussion in the company of a range of people sharing curiosity and interest regarding psychoanalytic ideas and their relation to the world, psychoanalysis as a treatment and psychoanalysis as a profession. While the Introductory Lectures started at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London there are now similar Introductory Lectures series taking place in Leeds, Belfast, Penrith and Newcastle. 

For details of lectures in Leeds, Belfast, Penrith and Newcastlel visit the Institute of Psychoanalysis website.

We will also be running a seminar series (following the same format as above) for clinicians and people already working in this field.  This series is based in South London and will commence late September on Monday evenings (6.30-8.45pm) over two terms.  Details are to be confirmed. 

For enquiries in connection with any of the above lecture series please email Marjory Goodall at

Autumn term 2016 - London

28 September - Michael Brearley: The nature of psychoanalysis 

5 October - Catalina Bronstein: Listening to the unconscious

12 October - Margaret Rustin: Child analysis

19 October - Megan Virtue: Sexuality

Half Term - 26 October 2016

2 November - Orna Hadary: Oedipus complex

9 November - Katalin Lanczi: Loss and mourning

16 November - Marie Bridge: Dreams

23 November - Chris Mawson: Melanie Klein

30 November - Irma Brenman Pick: Paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions

7 December - Angela Joyce: Introduction to work of Donald Winnicott


11 January - Anne Patterson:  Transitional objects and transitional phenomena

18 January - Sergei Grachev: Transference and countertransference

25 January - Nicola Abel-Hirsch: Thinking, containment and the mind

1 February - Penelope Crick: Consultation for psychoanalysis

8 February - Judith Jackson: Being a psychoanalyst

Half Term - 15 February 2017

22 February -  Judith Jackson: Being a psychoanalyst

1 March - Donald Campbell: Destructiveness and disturbed states of mind

8 March - Maxine Dennis: Prejudice

15 March - Andrea Sabbadini: Psychoanalysis and film

22 March - David Riley: Q&A on psychoanalysis (plenary)


Sigmund Freud Lecture Theatre
Institute of Psychoanalysis
Byron House
Maida Vale
London W9 2BT
United Kingdom