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melanie klein trust

Melanie Klein Trust

Furthering the psychoanalytic theory
and technique of Melanie Klein


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Introduction to Melanie Klein e-learning course

Melanie Klein Trust online course

Organised by: The Institute of Psychoanalysis

Date: 5 Mar 2019

Study Melanie Klein's theories through video lectures and your choice of online or face-to-face discussion groups.

The lectures outline some of Klein’s main ideas, many of which caused an outcry at the time, some of which remain controversial and others of which are now part of mainstream thinking. They will also give you a sense of the ways in which Klein’s thought influences practice and thinking today.

The schedule for the face-to-face discussion groups is as follows:

  • 5 March - Melanie Klein, the beginning
  • 12 March - The life and death instincts, love and hate
  • 19 March - Getting a sense of reality: the depressive position
  • 26 March - Developmental and antidevelopmental relationships
  • 2 April - Aims and technique

Visit the Institute of Psychoanalysis website for more details and to register