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IPA Congress 2017: Intimacy

Organised by: International Psychoanalytical Association

Date: 25 Jul 2017 to 29 Jul 2017

Location: Buenos Aires, venue to be confirmed

Call for papers: deadline 1 August 2016

For more details visit the International Psychoanalytical Association website.

More about the conference theme: Intimacy

For psychoanalysts, intimacy is the currency of every session. It informs relationships with our patients, our theories and our own work. Intimacy transcends the individual/dyadic, animating the construction of the social, familial and cultural dimensions of everyday life.

Intimacy permeates all facets of psychoanalysis, taking many shapes. It can be vivid or shadowy, can reveal or obscure, be transformative or perverse, playful or constricting, silent or passionate.

Psychoanalysis requires us to continually ask ourselves:

  • What is the relationship between intimacy and sexuality, body and gender?
  • How is intimacy sustained and, conversely, eroded in and outside the consulting room?
  • What is the danger to the analyst's life as he/she lives in such intimacy with their patients?
  • How do we think about the infrastructure of intimacy, including the physical environment; instinctual, individual, and clinical dynamics of coupling; families, community and society?

Intimacy has a long reach.

For this Congress, we invite proposals that engage with intimacy in any of its manifestations.